Saving The Horses

There's a lot that goes on that we never see or hear about.  People often hear news stories about dogs or cats when they are abused - taken from homes where owners neglect them, or when an animal is abused, killed or maimed.  

Good-hearted folks get up in arms about that, as well we all should.  And we should get involved to the extent we can, even if all we can do is provide a more loving and nurturing home for our own pet.  

But there are a lot of animals we never hear about, that the news coverage doesn't highlight, unless it's in our home state or neck of the woods.  

When I became aware of the problem that America's wild horse herds were facing, particularly where certain agencies were rounding up large numbers of wild horses and herding them into small, crowded holding pens for weeks or even months on end in the hopes that they would be adopted out, it broke my heart. 

Not only the methods used for the roundups, like the use of helicopters that frighten
Wild Horses in BLM Holding Pens
stallions, mares and colts into stampedes, but also the cruelty to individual horses and families of horses, breaks my heart.

Adoption of the wild horse into a good home is ultimately the goal for these roundups. But relatively few happen.  Those that don't get adopted, if they don't die in captivity, are often sold to slaughter houses.  Horse meat is legal and served up on dinner plates in many other countries.  And it's becoming a big business, nasty business.

More and more attention is being brought to the cause of helping the wild horses.  As in this NBC News story covered by the Today Show in April 2013. 

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 Realistically, I personally can do very little except to bring attention to the facts and donate to the cause.  I encourage you to visit the links at the bottom of this page to read more on the efforts to protect these magnificent treasures of America.


Why "for the horses?" Because with each purchase made through any of my shops, a donation is sent to a non-profit horse or burro rescue operation.  If you have a minute, please visit and 'Like" my Save The Wild Mustangs Facebook page.   
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