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Crafts To Make and Sell

What do Rocking Horses, Herbal Tea and Aprons Have in Common? 

Have you ever wanted to run your own craft business?

Many people do. If you are crafty and enjoy working with your hands, rocking horses, herbal tea, and aprons are only three of the many things you can make and sell from your own home craft business.

With a little investment in materials and time, you could be up and running in no time.

However, knowing how best to go about it, not just the creative part but making the business a success, can be a little more tricky if you’ve never done it before.

No matter what the venture, do some research and reading beforehand to help you avoid some of the more common mistakes, not the least of which is selling the wrong product for you or in the wrong place.


What Can YOU Can Make and Sell?

I started out making jewelry, mostly Western-Inspired,, Southwestern, and Country. I still do, and if you visit the Shop Page of this site, you will see some of my creations.

After about a year, I ventured into working also with wooden home decor pieces. Some I create, like jewelry organizers and boards - some I up-cycle and re-purpose by repainting or refinishing.

But that's just me. So ... what will you do?

Think about what you are good at. What are your hobbies? If you already have some background in creating something, such as great-smelling bath salts, candles, wood-burned art, doggie treats, saddle blankets or whatever it may be, consider that first. Especially if you have received praise for your creative works.

Find something you enjoy doing as you will likely be doing it a lot.

After you have decided what to make, next try to determine if it will sell. A good way to know is find it or something similar on eBay, Etsy, or Amazon.

Spend some time clicking through all the handcrafted and handmade items until you become familiar with what people have purchased.
  • What products are people bidding on, and what has sold?
  • How much were they willing to pay?

Trends also matter. Different things sell best at different times of the year.

Another good website to check out is QVC. You know if QVC has ventured into selling it, likely it will sell for you as well.
  • How much are they charging for the product?
  • Could you make the same thing for 50 to 60% of what they are charging and still make a profit?
If so, why not go for it? ... respecting copyright laws of course.And NEVER steal another creator's designs.  That is a sacrilege!

Do You Know How to Sew, Knit, or Loom?

If you’re good with a Sewing Machine, Loom, or Knitting Needle, the list of possibilities is endless.  

If you are looking for some ideas, here are some of the more popular choices.