Welcome to Rural-Woman Enterprises

Around here, we talk a lot about "Country" ... dogs and horses,
hay bales, tractors, and cowboys.
I am into gardens and honey bees, barn cats and
long rows of corn.
And all of these in no particular order. 

Me?  I'm Susie Schade-Brewer.
I write, I sell jewelry, jewelry organizers and custom knobs online.

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Country Girls | A State Of Mind

I am a country girl, born and raised.  And even though through the years I’ve moved in and out of townships and small towns, my heart is and always will be loyal to the rural way of life.

There is a certain expectation that goes with being a country girl, and it has nothing to do with location. It's all about satisfying the desires of the heart. 

It's a state of mind - a yearning for all that the wide open spaces can provide.

I wanted to build a website for my business.  I am a crafty person.

But I didn't want to just build a commercial site where I could sell products. Well, I wanted to do that too, but only if I could embrace
what we all around here call rowdy country

So ... that's what 'Country' means to me.  What does it mean to you?      

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