About Me


Me in 2009, photo "touched up"
for the release of my novel

I am Susie, a rural Midwest gal, born and raised. And I am an entrepreneur.

I love the rural way of life and being a country girl.  As far as I'm concerned, being Country is a state-of-mind.  It has nothing to do with location.  

It's an attitude, a yearning and love for all that the wide open spaces can provide. 

In fact, I like to say "you may take the girl out of the country, but you will never take the country out of the girl." 

A long time ago, I decided I loved design - in nature, in clothing and home decor.  The colors - the smells - the unpretentious sincerity.  Ordinary was just ... well, ordinary, and needed to be improved upon.

As I grew older, incorporating the designs and colors of nature into a wardrobe and accessories interested me.  So I did.

What Is Country Shabby Chic?
The style I most prominently feature in my designs - from jewelry & jewelry organizers to home decor, often takes on a Country Shabby personality.

Shabby Chic closely mimics the appearance of what is "time-worn" and "aged", a nostalgic look for interior design.  Country Chic incorporates the look and personality of the 'country', both in fashion and in home furnishings.  Combine them in design, and it is a neat look.

I am Susie Schade-Brewer, currently the owner and curator of three Etsy shops, and now this new blog where I can share the things I have learned about design in crafts and in jewelry. {I hope I have learned a few things along the way.}  And I am excited to learn from other crafters.

I wrote a novel that took 6 months to write, but another 2 years to edit for publication.  Since I was a girl, I wanted to write an historical fiction novel.  So I did.

Me now - not touched up.  Ha!
That project happened at a very traumatic time in my life when "escaping my own world" for another's was highly advantageous to my sanity, and somewhere during the process, I once again found "me."

Rural Woman Enterprises (that's just me) was founded in 2011, and has been providing quality jewelry, jewelry organizers and shabby chic home decor to the public ever since. You can read some of the testimonials here.  Located in Adrian Missouri (USA).  Thanks for stopping by!

The Entrepreneurial Spirit As a 'Rural-Preneur' 

I have great respect for those who work at being self-employed.  Self-employment takes commitment.  For me, the most challenging part is the wearing of all the hats -- creator, accountant, curator, marketer, customer service representative, writer, blogger, shopper, chief cook and bottle washer ... ha, the list goes on!  And if you don't how to do any of those things, then you have two choices.  Either hire someone to help you (strongly suggested), or as in my case, get busy and learn how.  

Much of what you will find here has to do with starting and running a rural-based business - out of the house - out of the barn - out of the shed - out of the soil. The basic principles are the same as starting any other business, but with emphasis on the challenges of operating in a country setting. Or what I like to call being a "Rural-Preneur." 

You will also find lots here to do with animals and everyday life. 
  1. The efforts to save America's wild horse horse herds from extinction
  2. Caring for our pets
  3. Caring for ourselves and our families
My parents were entrepreneurs.  Dad was a Kansas farmer and greenhouse man til he died, and my mom worked by his side.  Two of my 3 sisters are entrepreneurs -- all country people.  And I'm an entrepreneur... 

Cool Creek Designs on Etsy (formerly Save The Wild Horse Creations) Artisan-Made Country Chic and Boho inspired Jewelry and Gifts

I love working with my hands, whether it is in creating a beautiful, sculpted flower garden with petunias and a wagon wheel, creating an artful piece of jewelry, or refinishing and up-cycling a piece of vintage home decor.  

5-Row Leather Wrap Bracelet
My jewelry designs and personalized gifts are designed for everyone, but especially those who love the look of Country Chic and Western.  All items are one-of-a-kind, made with great care and ready to ship.  

Besides this site, I create, curate and sell Country Shabby Chic home decor in two different Etsy shops, Country Chic Shoppe. and KnobSnobbery.  Please take a look while you are here.


Why "for the horses?" Because with each purchase made through this or any of my shops, a donation is sent to a non-profit horse or burro rescue operation. If you have a minute, visit and 'Like" my Save The Wild Mustangs Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/SaveTheWildMustangs
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