11 Best Selling Craft Categories

Trying to figure out what you could sell to make a little extra income? Here are some of the more popular choices.

Remember, though, to be distinct.  Research and design beforehand - stand out from the crowd.

Some of the Best-Selling Craft Categories

Sewing, Looming, Knitting

Personalized Towels
Baby Clothes

Themed Wall hangings
Scrunch Scarves
Wool or Rag Rugs
Saddle Blankets
Tote Bags
Clutches, Totes or Purses

Home Decor Products always sell well.  

Painted Gourds and Baskets
Bedroom and Bathroom Decor
Window Frames
Wind chimes
Wood Carvings
Stained Glass
Garden Decor

Paper goods

Greeting Cards

Lawn/Garden Ornaments

Water Plants
Hand-made Pottery
Fish Pond Décor
Lawn Furniture
Archways & Trellis


Food and Treats

Jewelry:  popular all year long but especially during the holiday season

Sterling Silver
Southwestern  and Western
Belt Buckles
Ankle Jewelry
Wrap Bracelets


Pet Treats
Herbal Teas
Spices and Seasonings
Dried Herbs
Jams and Marmalades

Cater to Kids with things like

Doll Furniture, Houses & Clothes
Wooden Toys
Baby Clothes
Stroller Covers
Baby Art
Kids Wall Decor
Baby Jewelry

Leather and Sterling Silver:

 Wrap Bracelets
Lariat Necklaces
 Wallets and Purses
Sterling Silver: Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings
Silver Rings
Purses and Totes

Bath and Beauty:

Bath Salts
Handmade Soaps
Bath Muffies
Natural Perfumes
Lip Balms & Glosses
Mineral Makeups
Eye Pillows
Organic Lotions


           Flower Boxes
Outdoor Furniture
Woodburned Art and Sculpture
Rocking Horses


An Excerpt from The Sacrifice of the Sage Hen

by Susie Schade-Brewer
Published by Swimming Kangaroo Books (2009)


Deep in the woods, a scream pierced the night, lifting
through the trees toward the sky. It was
shrill and enduring, a scream of pain and agony. Minutes later,
there came another scream and then another. Like echoes in a canyon, they bounced off snow-capped mountains, to finally be
swallowed up by the denseness of the pines.

With each outcry, the timid and frightened deer stopped
their late-afternoon feeding, lifted their heads, and flitted their
eyes in nervous uncertainty. Squirrels halted only long enough
to acknowledge the unfamiliar sound, then re turned to their
raucous harvesting. Overhead, an eagle mocked the sound and
circled cautiously, his eyes fixed on the ground and everything
happening there.

None of these wilderness sojourners had ever heard this
sound before, and chances were good they never would again,
so they regarded the screams with only passing wariness. For
Micah Fremont, though, who rushed on moccasin-ed feet
through the forest, dodging obstacles to maintain steady footing,
the mission was different. Caution be damned—he couldn't get
through fast enough. Darkness would cover him soon.

Inside a cabin built of sturdy cedars and insulated tight
against the mountain's elements, an orange glow from a hearth
cast across the room. Over the dying flames hung an untended
coffeepot. Steam rose from its spout until finally it emptied, and
the smell of burned chicory filled the room.

Synopsis The Sacrifice of the Sage Hen

Book Synopsis:

Have you ever wanted to write your own Great American Novel?  Learn how to get started here.


The Sacrifice of the Sage Hen

A Novel of the American West, 1859 Missouri

The people are restless - the effects of prejudice and hate.  Blood has already been spilled, and now there is talk of war.... a War Between the States!

The Town of Independence Missouri has become a hub of activity as hundreds prepare for their exciting journey to Oregon. This spring's wagon train, piloted by Peter Chastain, plans to pull out as soon as the grass is long enough to keep the stock fed and healthy.  And none too soon for the violence of the border ruffians has come too close for comfort.

Full of spirit and restless rebellion, Charlotte Mary West hates that life is moving on without her, and she is not remiss to let the whole world know she is NOT happy!

She longs to break free of the restraints of her arranged marriage to a man she describes as "adventurous as old hay" and his expectations that she act like a proper lady. Nothing proper about her!

Her passion is for adventure –to return to the much-loved mountains where she grew up - to live and discover the meaning of life for herself.

If that isn't enough to make her unhappy, she learns that her beloved and esteemed father, mountain trekker Fremont West, has hired on to scout for Peter Chastain's wagon train. And her best friend, Matilda and family, have joined that same wagon train!

Everyone is leaving and moving West but her ... they will be living her dream. Unfathomable that of all people, she is the one who will be left behind!

Then tragedy strikes and she is left a young widow with no means of support, and soon to become a mother.


Dirks Braelen is on the run from his life as a hired gun in Texas. He's ready to hang up his holster, stop killing for a living and try to find peace for his tormented soul.

He may be ready to leave his old life behind, but two brothers whose lives he devastated in Texas may not allow that to happen.

Hatred for the man responsible for their parents' death fuels a deep, uncompromising ache for Revenge! That ache takes them 500 miles into Kansas Territory to exact it -- and they will have it, no matter what the cost!


Two people who share one commonality -- a search for happiness and the meaning of life -- will they find it in each other?

He wants to escape his past. She's trying to escape the present.

Possibly they will find the answer they seek skillfully woven into a tale told by Charlotte's father. The secret? The sacrifice of the little sage hen.

Written by Susie Schade-Brewer
Released in 2009
Published by Swimming Kangaroo Publishers

Available at Amazon  in Kindle or Paperback.

Click here to read the Prologue of The Sacrifice of the Sage Hen