7 Unsafe Herbs for Dogs and Cats

Oh my my, how we adore our pets. We hate when they hurt or are miserable from fleas or dry skin or some other pesky problem. And while we may have our favorite herbal remedies to medicate ourselves .. I know I do .. pets may react totally differently to the very same ingredient.

Before treating your pets, a good rule of thumb is to first be wise about what it is that is ailing them.  Incorrectly diagnosing and then treatment can be disastrous for our little guys.  Small animals have a shorter digestive system than we do, so


Rural Entrepreneurs | Making It In The Wide Open Spaces

As anyone who has done it knows, living in a rural area can be both rewarding and challenging.  Each new day may present new hurdles. Questions.Unexpected hardships. Unfamiliar horizons to explore.

But living in the country can also provide opportunities that some living in more confined areas may not have. 

In fact in recent years, many rural women have taken advantage of their land and circumstances to set-up and run a business of their own.