Is Etsy a Good E-Commerce Platform?

I’ve been using Etsy as my e-commerce venue now for about 5 years. I set the first shop, Cool Creek Designs, up in 2011, the second, Country Chic Shoppe, came in 2012, and the third KnobSnobbery, in 2014 ... well, it was 2013, but I revamped it completely so it was actually 2014.

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Can You Turn a Hobby Into An ECommerce Shop?
I have always been a crafter, so doing things with my hands came naturally. But selling them? ... well, that was a whole new can of beans!

I saw a piece on the Today show with a gal who gave advice on selling your own crafts, and the venues you could use to do that. I’d never heard of Etsy before, so was excited to check it out.
Well…it has been a slow go.  And in all honesty, I cannot say that it has provided me with a great income.  After 5 years, my first shop has only sold a little under 500 items. Nothing to boast about there.  As the experts on Shark Tank have been known to say, and I had to admit they were right, “This is not a

Ever Wanted to Write Your Own Great American Novel?

It is the great American dream - to write your own novel and see it in print. Better than that, to see it listed on the New York Bestseller List!

It is estimated that one in 1,000 manuscripts written will get published.  And of those, a minuscule number will hit the best seller list.

But that's no reason not to try.  If that story lives within you, as it did within me since I was 7 years old, it absolutely must find its way out of the darkness and into the light.

My best advice - with persistence and hard work, you can beat the odds!

Here's how you do it.  Step One:  Begin.

Yup, simple as that ... make a appointment with yourself, plant yourself down into a chair, and just begin.

That may sound trite, and perhaps a little simplistic, but whoever writes a story without just beginning?

Writers have an innate instinct about the stories that live inside them.  At this point, don't even worry if it would sound good to an editor.  Just get a notepad, or clear your desk before the computer, and BEGIN.


How to Distress Wood For Shabby Chic Style | DIY Crafting

The process of "shabby'ing" up your favorite piece of wood furniture or decor is not at all difficult, and the end result - that beautiful rustic appearance - is always fabulously delicious.

Distressed Vintage Jewelry Box
Painted with Ivory Chalk Paint
I've been distressing jewelry boxes, jewelry organizers, pictures frames and decor for a while now.  I have learned it's not always easy on the hands, especially fingernails, so I recommend you wear gloves of some sort.

Since most of what I work on is fairly small wooden pieces, I use rubber gloves, and a lot of the time just on my right hand.  A glove just makes life easier and keeps my hands looking "church ready."

Remove Gloss and Shine

The first thing you will have to decide is if the piece you will be working on has been finished with a glossy finish from shellac

Etsy Giveaways, Sales, Contests & Promotions

Yes, Sign Me Up for Contests, Giveaways and Sales!

From time to time - well just about every month - I run sales and promotions in my Etsy
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shops ... discounts anywhere from 10 to 50% OFF!

Or Free Shipping.  Woohoo!

But the absolute funnest are the Contests and  
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Shabby Chic Decor | Re-Style Your Home

How to Shabby Chic Your Home

Shabby Chic interior design, related to Cottage Chic or French Chic, is a cozy
Beautiful Vanity by RedBarnEstates on Etsy
style that really puts emphasis on the aged or weathered look.  "True" Shabby sticks to the use of white, neutrals or very pale pastels.   

It is soft and opulent, like a country cottage, distressed or faded, either naturally with time, or artificially with paint and then sanding or chipping in particular areas.  

An absolutely beautiful example can be seen in this vanity redone by RedBarnEstates on Etsy. 

In rooms decorated in Shabby Chic, you