Create Etsy Treasuries Using TreasuryChest

Since I wrote a previous post in 2013 on making Etsy Treasuries, I have learned of, and used a bunch, a program that works SO WELL, I cannot help but tell you about it.

The program is called TreasuryBox, and can be downloaded for free (must be done in Chrome..no other browser will work) through this website, https://brittanysbest.com/treasurybox-chrome-extension/

Once you have installed the program (very easily done), you will see a small red icon in the upper right corner of your Chrome browser bar that looks like a tiny red treasure box.

To confirm that the program has installed, you can also go to your shop's home page, and notice the small, gray icon within each item's window that looks like an open treasure chest. It'll be to the left of the 'heart' icon used when Favoriting an item.
Notice the small icon of an open treasure box to the left of the heart used when favoriting.

When you're ready to build your Treasury, simply start clicking on those small, gray icons. Treasuries feature 16 different items. (Unfortunately, you're not supposed to use any of your own items.)  If you lose track of how many you have selected, look back at the red treasure chest in the upper right corner of your Chrome bar. There you will see the number highlighted.

Once you get to 16, click on the treasure box itself, and a window will pop up.  Click 'Create Treasury.'  Easy peasy!

Now you add your Title, your theme and/or description, and those all-important keywords.  Use all 18 available spaces to list keywords and phrases!  Without them, the SEO benefit of the Treasury is dramatically reduced.  Who knows, the terms you choose at that very moment may just be what someone is searching to buy.

If you would like, re-arrange your 16 items by dragging them to different spots, to make your collection more aesthetically pleasing.

One thing to remember is if someone 'Pins' your Treasury to a Pinterest Board, only the top left corner will be published as the picture in the Board.  If I have a favorite item I really want noticed, I slide it up into that corner.

So, now when your Treasury looks just the way you like it, click on the Save button at the bottom of the page. Walla, it's done and published.  But wait!  Don't kill the page just yet.

You will want all of your featured shops to help promote your Treasury, right?  That's why we make them in the first place - so we can all make Sales.

Let each shop know they have been featured, and ask them to help promote it.  To the right of your collection, notice the little red treasure box and the words 'Send Notifications' beside it.  Just click that; you will have a chance to compose a title and a short message.

Their item url and the treasuries url will be provided for them.  In the body of your email, encourage them to promote if they can.  All of your featured shops will be automatically notified by email.  So cool!  So easy!

Be sure to notify all your featured shops they have been included
in your Treasury & encourage them to promote it.  

I'm definitely impressed with TreasuryBox- it literally cuts the time down to about 15 minutes to make a Treasury, publish it, and even notifies your featured shops for you.  Can't get better than that, especially for free!  I highly recommend it!  Hope you all get a hundred Sales off your Treasury!!