Etsy Treasury | Notifying Featured Shops

An Easy Way To Notify Shops They've Been Featured

Notifying Etsy Shops that their item has been featured in your new Treasury is a necessary part of making the Treasury an efficient promotional tool.   But it can be time-consuming and at times confusing.  Implementing a little method to the madness can go a long way toward taming the crazies.

This is a method I've developed over time, and you are welcome to try it too.

1)  First, I composed a short note as a Word document and saved it on my Desktop entitled ‘Treasury Notification’.  Having it on the Desktop makes it easier to access and update quickly with each Treasury.

The note can say something like "Your beautiful item has been featured in my Treasury (I name the Treasury)", and I give the link to the Treasury, and encourage them to promote if they can.  With each new Treasury, all I have to do is update the link within the body of the message, and the name of the Treasury. 

2)  Next I highlight the copy in that note (Ctrl A) and Copy it to my Clipboard (Ctrl C).

3)  Then I go back to my Treasury and right-click on the first square of the 16.  Select ‘Open in New Tab’ from the drop down menu.  I do this again for all 4 shops in that top line.

So I’ll have 4 shop Tabs open at a time across my browser.  If you prefer doing one shop at a time, that's fine too.  This just saves me a few steps. 

4)  Back to the Tab you have opened in your browser for Shop #1, click on their Shop Name in the upper left corner.  That’ll take you to their Home page.

5)  Scroll down the left margin and click the button that says ‘Contact Shop Owner’.  When the window pops up, Paste in your note (Ctrl V).

6)  Of course, you’ll have to type something into the Subject line, like ‘You’ve Been Featured’ or ‘You’ve Been Treasured.”

7)  And then press Send. All done with that one so delete that shop's tab from your browser.

8)  Go to the tab for the second shop you opened and do the same thing, and so on.

9)  When you’ve completed those 4 and closed out their tabs, go to the second row of 4 in your Treasury, open each one in a new tab and follow the same steps to send your note.

10)  When you have finished Row 2, proceed with Row 3 and finish up by doing Row 4.

I realize this may not be the most scientific or techie way of accomplishing this task, but it has become a pretty efficient method for taming my crazies.  A minute saved is a minute earned.  And I cherish all my minutes.

I used to use Shmetsy, and it was great.  But sadly, it no longer works.  If anyone knows of another software program that accomplishes this same feat - please, by all means, share it with us!

Also, any questions, improvements, or if I didn't make myself clear, feel free to give me a holler back.  I welcome all suggestions for improvements and efficiency.