Etsy Treasuries Made a Little Easier

Treasury Making Easier with Enhantsy


Creating Treasuries in Etsy is a great promotional tool for our Etsy shops, and we all know we must promote in some way or another.  Very seldom does a shop thrive if it doesn't get its name and product
out there for the masses to experience.  One way to promote within Etsy is to create a Treasury.

But finding the time to do one, especially when we are already scrambling for time to create a beautiful product, photograph it, list it, compose a great Description, and then fill orders can put a real strain on our time budget. 

So, as limited as our time may be for creating Treasuries, there is one tool that may help.  And that is a program that works within Etsy called Enhantsy

You can try it out for free for seven days, then you'll have to sign up for $2.99 (I think) a month if you want to keep it.  I used to use Shmetsy to build Treasuries, which was fantastic, but for some reason, it no longer works well.

Anyway, Enhantsy, once downloaded (https://enhantsy.com/), is always there in your Etsy pages – you’ll see a red link at the top of your pages next to your name, but only if you’re in the same browser you were in when you downloaded it.  I downloaded it in Chrome, so when I build my Treasuries, I have to be in Chrome and not Mozilla, which is what I normally use.

Anyway, once downloaded, here is how it works.

1)  Start by clicking on that red Enhantsy link in that upper right corner, then Click ‘Create Treasury’.

2) Compose your Title and Description.  I open another tab or two in my browser to find the shop listings that I want to Feature.

You can do an Etsy search for terms like 'cobalt blue' or 'frogs' or 'vintage brooches', or whatever the theme of your Treasury is.  For those in my HelpingHearts Team, I type ‘helpinghearts’ into Etsy's search bar and find shops and items to feature.
3)  Once you have found an item you want to include, you will see a little star within that item's box. Click on that star, and it will add another yellow star to the bottom of the frame. 

4)  Once you’ve selected all of your 16 items by adding that star, go back to the Enhantsy Tab, and click on the orange tab that says ‘Add Treasurease Listings.’  It adds all 16 of your chosen items into your Treasury all at once. The few times that I've done this, I found it works best to do all 16 before clicking
that button.  If you try to do only a few items at a time, it gets confused.  [Or maybe I'm doing it wrong, which is a real possibility!]  :(

5)  Now that all 16 items have been entered, time to curate your Treasury by dragging & rearranging your shops to be as pretty as they can be.  Then finally – very important - type in all 18 of your available Tags.

Possible terms to use as tags can be taken right from the Titles of your chosen items. Just select keywords from those titles.  And if you are doing it for a team, be sure to include a tag for them so it can easily be found and promoted by members. As a side note, if you want to be included more in other people's Treasuries, be sure to use specific tags in your Item Descriptions, like your team name, or colors or styles people may be searching for. 

6)  Finally, click Save at the bottom of the page.  Walla, you’re all done!

Then, for your Treasury to be successful as a promotional tool, you must notify each of the 16 shop owners that their beautiful item has been Featured.  Write a short note and encourage them to help promote it.

Easy peasy.  But, while Treasuries are a great tool, the collection must also be promoted outside of Etsy for it to have much effect.  How?  That's the next post.