Etsy Treasury | Notifying Featured Shops

An Easy Way To Notify Shops They've Been Featured

Notifying Etsy Shops that their item has been featured in your new Treasury is a necessary part of making the Treasury an efficient promotional tool.   But it can be time-consuming and at times confusing.  Implementing a little method to the madness can go a long way toward taming the crazies.

This is a method I've developed over time, and you are welcome to try it too.

1)  First, I composed a short note as a Word document and saved it on my Desktop entitled ‘Treasury Notification’.  Having it on the Desktop makes it easier to access and update quickly with each Treasury.

The note can say something like "Your beautiful item has been featured in my Treasury (I name the Treasury)", and I give the link to the Treasury, and encourage them to promote if they can.  With each new Treasury, all I have to do is update the link within the body of the message, and the name of the Treasury. 

Etsy Treasuries Made a Little Easier

Treasury Making Easier with Enhantsy


Creating Treasuries in Etsy is a great promotional tool for our Etsy shops, and we all know we must promote in some way or another.  Very seldom does a shop thrive if it doesn't get its name and product
out there for the masses to experience.  One way to promote within Etsy is to create a Treasury.

But finding the time to do one, especially when we are already scrambling for time to create a beautiful product, photograph it, list it, compose a great Description, and then fill orders can put a real strain on our time budget.