How to Kill Fleas, Bedbugs, Chiggers, Ticks, and Mosquitoes

Safe Homemade Insecticide|How to Rid Your Home & Yard of Pesky Bugs for Good

Dogs vs Fleas
Tobacco spray, made from tobacco tea, brown mouthwash and lemon dish soap.  Adapted from an old Jerry Baker recipe, I have used this recipe for years to clear my house and yard
of every kind of buggy pest you can imagine.  

I’ve used it to wipe out everything from dust mites in my father's old stuffed chair, to fleas on the back of a stray dog with the most horrible case of fleas and flea dermatitis I have ever seen, to a borer/caterpillar infestation of my poplar trees, to mosquitoes, chiggers, ticks, spiders, wasps (wait until after dusk to spray these guys), and ants.

Here's a quick story.  For years my father, a hard working farmer and a bit prideful, was plagued with a terrible rash on his back.  It drove him mad with the unrelenting itching ... and the fact that he couldn’t reach it.  Consequently it drove my mother mad too!  All the dermatologists could do was prescribe one expensive cream after another. 

One day when I visited, dad went out to the garden to work. I had come to take care of my mother who was ill.  While she slept, I sat, and looking around the room, I noticed his old chair.  You know the old stuffed kind with orange floral upholstery and wingbacks.  Many a time I’d seen him fall asleep there of an afternoon.  My how he loved his old chair!  But it was so ugly, mom had thrown an old blanket over it.  Both were well used, broke down, and dirty.  I got to wondering if THAT was perhaps the source of his unrelenting itch problem.  

Aha, I thought.  I will experiment without his knowing – in case my experiment backfired! 

I waited until dad was around the corner and out of sight before I ripped the blanket off the chair, threw it in the washer, then thoroughly sprayed his old stuffed chair down with my tobacco spray.  While the spray is wet, it has a bit of a medicinal smell, so I had to hurry and give it time to dry before he came back in.  I did this twice over a period of 3 days. 

Well, guess what.  You probably know.  A week passed before I casually asked him how his back was feeling.  A curious look came over his face.  “Hmm,” he said, “I hadn’t even noticed, but it seems to be gone.  I wonder what I did.”  

As for fleas, mom and dad's beagle had a stuffed chair all her own.  I sprayed tobacco spray to kill off the infestation of fleas in it, and then did it once a week through the summer.  The dog was happier, and so were we!

Now I keep a handheld sprayer bottle of this terrific bug-killing potion close at all times.  Twice each spring I use a hose-end sprayer on my grass, bushes, and trees to control all the creepy crawlies, and around the foundation of the house.  I do it again in the fall.  {If you have a mosquito problem, make sure to spray inside old tires and places where water collects.}

For indoor use, it is a terrific and chemical-free pesticide - the best I have ever used.  Not to mention much, much cheaper.

#1  Tobacco was used as a powerful insecticide during the 19thcentury.  Today scientists have learned that tobacco can pass on a virus called tomato-tobacco mosaic virus disease to certain plants.  So I should say: DO NOT use this spray in any way, shape or form on your crops, especially on tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, petunias, or anything in the nightshade family.  Doing so could set up a bacteria that on rare occasion can infect the soil and live there indefinitely.

Personally, I have used this spray for 15 years without a hint of trouble, even in my gardens.  You decide for your own self.  

#2  While it is chemical free so not harmful to kids or pets, be aware, it will kill bees, ladybugs and other beneficial insects. *

Here's the recipe. 
Again, I am not recommending to use this in your vegetable or flower gardens.  I accept no responsibility for any adverse effects.

     A.  2 fingerfuls of chewing tobacco, any kind, added to the toe of an old nylon stocking, tied up, and steeped in 1 quart of very hot water for at least 20 minutes.  The longer, the stronger the potion.

       B.  Combine equal parts of this tobacco tea, lemon dish soap, and brown mouthwash (any brand works, so save yourself money) in a large jar or container.  

     C. Dilute the solution 50% water and 50% solution in a spray bottle. 

Keep a spray bottle in the house, one in the barn and another in the garage or shed.  I guarantee it will kill most any bug within seconds.  No matter how fast their little legs move, they can't run away fast enough! 

* This article was written about my own personal experience with this tobacco insecticide spray.  It is not intended to be taken as advice, merely as my account and experience.  Not responsible for damages.

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