Save The Badlands Mustangs

Can You Adopt a Badlands Mustang?

Important Notice - September 28th, 2013:  

If you love horses and are in a position to adopt one, or know someone who would like to, 100 horses rounded up from the Badlands,
North Dakota are set to be auctioned off on September 28th, 2013. 

Many of these mustangs in the past have gone to wonderful forever homes.  But far too many have gone to killer buyers hoping to buy them for slaughter to be served up on dinnerplates in Europe and Asia.

Watch this stirring video, and please pass the word to anyone who is in a position to purchase one of these beautiful animals.  The phone # and email address are below. 

Wild Mustang Auction, Badlands North Dakota

Call (719) 633-3842 or Email BadlandsMustangs@thecloudfoundation.org

or  contact Legacy Mustang Foundation ilovemustangs.org