Chalk Paint Recipe - Make Your Own

Make Your Own Chalk Paint and Save Money 

Chalk paint is often confused with chalkboard paint, but it is completely different.  Chalk paint has such rich qualities about it that it makes it ideal for crafts. 

I use a lot of chalk paint for my crafts, especially necklace boards, jewelry boxes, and my home d├ęcor pieces.  Plus it's perfect to work with
if you like the distressed shabby look – which I do!

But buying already made chalk paint can be pretty expensive.  Out of necessity and through experience, I’ve learned how to


The Power of Google for DIY'ers

How To Loosen a Rusty Screw 

I just made the most amazing discovery.  And I had to share it with all the crafters out there.

 Amongst other things, I paint jewelry boxes – those I find at garage sales, thrift stores – anything that is nice and in good condition.  There is a lot of detail work involved in fixing them up pretty, shabby-ing them and getting them ready for re-sale.  From taking off the little pieces of hardware like knobs and hinges, to de-glossing so the paint will adhere, to taping off the velour that lines the inside.  And of course, there's the painting and finishing work.

Usually I have no problem dismantling it.  But I bought one the other day, different than any


Save The Badlands Mustangs

Can You Adopt a Badlands Mustang?

Important Notice - September 28th, 2013:  

If you love horses and are in a position to adopt one, or know someone who would like to, 100 horses rounded up from the Badlands,
North Dakota are set to be auctioned off on September 28th, 2013. 

Many of these mustangs in the past have gone to wonderful forever homes.  But far too many have gone to killer buyers hoping to buy them for slaughter to be served up on dinnerplates in Europe and Asia.

Watch this stirring video, and please pass the word to anyone who is in a position to purchase one of these beautiful animals.  The phone # and email address are below. 

Wild Mustang Auction, Badlands North Dakota

Call (719) 633-3842 or Email BadlandsMustangs@thecloudfoundation.org

or  contact Legacy Mustang Foundation ilovemustangs.org

Crafts To Make and Sell

What do Rocking Horses, Herbal Tea and Aprons Have in Common? 

Woodworking Crafts
Have you ever wanted to run your own craft business?  A lot of people do. If you are crafty and enjoy working with your hands, rocking horses, herbal tea, and aprons are only 3 of the many things you can make and sell from your own home craft business.  With a little investment in materials and time, you could be up and running in no time.  

Knowing how best to go about it, not just the creative part but making the business a success can be a little tricky if you’ve never done it before. 


Start A New Rural Business

Undertaking to start a new business can be an exciting and all encompassing venture.  Perhaps you have been chosen to take over and run a family-owned business.  Or it may be the realization of a long-held dream.   Perhaps you are simply looking for an additional source of income.

Whatever the reason, with careful planning and implementation, your chances of success are much higher.

The Small Business Administration used to estimate that as many as 50% of new businesses would fail within the first year, and 95% within 5 years.

Statistics today are a little more optimistic.  Now a new business


Dog Treats to Keep 'Em Cool

Cool Your Dog Down with Homemade Treats

Saw some pretty cool (literally) ideas on Pinterest for some frozen doggie treats. Thought I'd share them with you. These would be a great way to cool 'em down quick.

You can see the first 3 on my Pinterest Board, Love Dogs

If you read last week's post, you know how quickly a dog can get overheated and get dangerously sick.  If you suspect your dog is getting too hot, it's really important to cool them down as soon as you can - even BEFORE you call your vet. 

Dogs And Heat Strokes


Because the weather is heating up, I thought it would be good to again touch on the subject of heat stroke in dogs.  Oh yeah, dogs can suffer heat strokes just like people.

To them, life is always a blast when they're with you. Running, jumping, playing hard. But dogs don't sweat like we do.  And they are just as susceptible as we are at overdoing in the heat and suffering the consequences.

How to Protect Your Dog From Heat Stroke

Dogs don't sweat.  They pant.  And they wear their fur coats all year long.

Normal body temperature for a dog falls between 101 to 102° Fahrenheit.